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Kmu Notice

2018 KGSP for International Students for an Undergraduate Degree
(College of Natural Science & Engineering only)
Application Guideline to Keimyung University

1. Objective
The objective of the Korean Government Scholarship Program for an undergraduate degree is to provide international students with an opportunity to conduct advanced studies at higher educational institutions in Korea in order to promote international exchanges in education and mutual friendship between the countries.

2. Academic Programs: Undergraduate Degree Program (4 yrs.) after preliminary Korean Language Program (1yr.)
  - Scholars must take the mandatory Korean language training at a language institution that will be designated by NIIED. The institution will be specified in the letter of invitation after the announcement of final successful candidates.
  - Scholars must attain level 3 on TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) after the completion of a one-year preliminary Korean language course; otherwise, they are not allowed to proceed to the degree program.
  - Scholars with level 5 or 6 on TOPIK will be exempt from the language program and must begin their Bachelor’s degree program from spring 2018.

3. Departments(Majors): Please refer to the attached file #1

4. Required Documents: Please refer to the attached file #2(7. Required Documents)

5. Application Deadline: No later than October 11(Wed), 2017

  a. ALL the ORIGINAL required documents MUST be arrived before the application deadline to International Affairs Team of Keimyung University via POSTAL Mail System(eg. Fedex, DHL..).
  < Address >
- Jinmyoung Kim(Mr.), Room. 120, Dongyeong Hall, International Affairs Team, 1095 Dalgubeol-daero, Dalseo-Gu, Daegu 42601, Republic of Korea.
  b. Please be aware that application(including all required documents) arrived later than the dead line WILL NOT be acceptable.
6. Application Procedure
  a. Announcement of result of the documentation: October 17(Tue), 2017 (Tentative)
  b. Interview: October 18(Wed) ~ October 25(Wed), 2017 (Tentative)
  ※ The schedule can be subject to changes due to unforeseen events or others.

7. Contact: Mr. Jinmyoung Kim (International Affairs Team at Keimyung University)
  a. Tel: +82-53-580-6027
  b. E-mail:
* Note: Please carefully refer to the attached file for further details [2018 KGSP 지방대이공계 모집요강(Application Guidelines via the Regional Universities)]
  • Web masterCenter for International Affairs Administration Team
  • Tel+82-53-580-6023

Update date2020-06-16