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Selected in LINC 3.0(Leaders in Industry-university Cooperation)
International Affairs Team
2022-06-27 11:02:40
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Keimyung University, selected in carrying out LINC 3.0(Leaders in Industry-university Cooperation), a three-stage industry-academic cooperation leading university development project 

- Establishment of ‘Future Factory’ Strategy for Specialized Campus for Industry-Academic Cooperation for Contributions to Universities
Realization of the Human Resources Development Model needed by Industries and Communities in Daegu and Gyeongbuk province.
  Keimyung University (President Synn Ilhi) was selected as a university carrying out LINC 3.0(Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation), a three-stage industry-academic cooperation leading university development project hosted by the Ministry of Education.

  Keimyung University, which has successfully carried out the first and second LINC projects for the past decade, will also receive 24 billion won in government subsidies for six years by 2027 as it is selected for the third LINC 3.0 project.

  Keimyung University is known to have received high marks in the project evaluation, such as supporting local industries to create higher value based on industry-academic cooperation infrastructure and plans to build an educational collaboration ecosystem where Daegu’s competent human resource can stay and work in the region. Through the first phase of the project, Keimyung University made efforts to establish and expand industry-academic cooperation infrastructure by establishing a leading model and dedicated infrastructure and operating curriculum for field-friendly industry-academic cooperation, and solving difficulties in corporate demand. Based on the foundation established through the first phase of the project, the second phase of the project had made a significant contribution to the development of industry-academic cooperation in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do by completing the industry-academic cooperation system and creating a performance model with a vision of “Growth as an anchor institution leading regional problem-solving.”  

  Fort the third-stage LINC project, Keimyung decided to turn the organization that had focused on research management into an organization for creating and utilizing research value and concentrated the university’s capabilities to realize the talent development model required by local industries and communities. In addition, Keimyung activated ICC(Corporate Collaboration Center) in four fields, including future automobiles, medical care, robots, and food and bio in connection with local industries, derive research challenges for local ▲ Development of Human resources for business ▲established a plan to share industry ▲established a plan for sharing industry-academic cooperation performance through collaboration activities with various industry
  Kim Bum-joon, vice president of Keimyung University, stated, “The selection of LINC 3.0 projects has provided an opportunity to expand the sustainability of industry-academic cooperation projects that university has been promoting, developing advanced graduate-linked human resources, upgrading technology startups, and digital transformation education.”

   The LINC 3.0 project, organized by the Ministry of Education, is a comprehensive support project for university-academic cooperation to continuously upgrade the performance of the first and second stage link projects and create an industry-academic cooperation ecosystem where universities and industries coexist 
  Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education and the Korea Research Foundation received the project plan until March 3rd (Thursday) after the announcement of the basic plan on January 13th(Thursday), and finally selected the project university after writing and presentation evaluation. 13 leading technology innovation schools, 53 customized growth schools, and 10 cooperative-based schools will be selected, and a government budget of 302.5 billion won will be invested every year for up to six years until 2027.
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