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Spring Semester 2024

Spring Semester 2024
MAR 1(Fri) Samiljeol(National Holiday)
4(Mon) Spring Semester Begins
4(Mon)~6(Wed) Add/Drop Confirmation Period
4(Mon)~7(Thu) Enrollment(2nd round)
11(Mon)~29(Fri) Application for Early Graduation(EDWARD System)
11(Mon)~4/26(Fri) Application for Dual Degree, Minor(EDWARD System)
13(Wed)~15(Fri) Enrollment(3rd round)
18(Mon)~29(Fri) Final Course Drop(Withdrawal) Period
APR 10(Wed) National Assembly Election Day(National Holiday)
15(Mon)~19(Fri) Major Change Application for Fall Semester 2024(EDWARD System)
22(Mon)~26(Fri) Mid-term Examination Recommended Period
MAY 1(Wed) Labor Day(Holiday)
6(Mon) Children’s Day(Alternative National Holiday)
15(Wed) Buddha's birthday(National Holiday)
20(Mon) Foundation Day(Holiday)
24(Fri) Interview for Major Change
JUN 3(Mon)~5(Wed) Course Registration for Summer Session 2024
6(Thu) Memorial Day(National Holiday)
17(Mon) Make-up Date for Wednesday May 1
18(Tue) Make-up Date for Wednesday May 15
19(Wed) Make-up Date for Monday May 20
20(Thu)~26(Wed) Final Exam
27(Thu) Summer Vacation Begins
27(Thu)~7/18(Thu) Summer Session 2024
JUL 1(Mon)~5(Fri) Application for Re-Admission(Fall Semester 2024)
1(Mon)~19(Fri) Application for Return from Absence(1st Round)
4(Thu)~8(Mon) Grade Checking Period for Spring Semester 2024
10(Wed) Confirmation of Grade
11(Thu) Application for Leave of Absence(Fall Semester 2024)
11(Thu)~17(Wed) Application for Postponement of Graduation
29(Mon)~8/2(Fri) Application for Return from Absence(2nd Round)
AUG 6(Tue)~9(Fri) Course Registration for Fall Semester 2024
19(Mon)~30(Fri) Application for Return from Absence(3rd Round)
20(Tue) Commencement Ceremony
23(Fri)~28(Wed) Enrollment for Fall Semester 2024(Including Re-admitted Students)
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