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Opening the Light to the WorldBank & ATMs

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Banks & ATMs

You can open a savings account and receive a cash card with your passport and student ID card at Daegu Bank located in the Industry-University Cooperation Building near the East Gate of Seongseo Campus. You can easily deposit and withdraw money with the card from both the bank and ATM(English service is available).

ATM's location
Bank & ATMs
  • 1. Main Administration Building
  • 4. Bauer Hall(Student Union Building)
  • 6. YoungAm Hall(College of Humanities and Education)
  • 21. Industry-University Cooperation Building
  • 13. Myunggyo Housing Complex(Student Domitory)
  • 15. Dongsan Library
  • 17. Euiyang Hall(College of Business Administration)
  • Web masterScholarship and Student Welfare Team
  • Tel+82-53-580-6093

Update date2018-08-30