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The College of Music and Performing Arts has set a goal to be one of the three most prestigious music and arts schools in the nation by 2020. It has been striving to meet expectations by creating colorful programs to train sophisticated professionals, exchanging ideas with internationally acclaimed schools, as well as providing excellent curriculum utilizing state-of- the-art facilities. In 2010, 980 undergraduate students majoring in Orchestral Performance, Vocal Performance, Composition, Piano, Organ, Dance, and Theater took advantage of programs designed to cultivate talented professional musicians, music teachers and theater performers. Keimyung Symphony Orchestra, Keimyung Symphonic Band, Keimyung Choir, Keimyung Ensemble and Keimyung Opera have all performed internationally by participating in exchange concerts with prestigious foreign schools. Students have contributed to bands, orchestras and educational institutions in Korea and have influenced numerous domestic performers in all fields. Graduates have been active in national and international orchestras, opera companies, ensembles, professional choirs, and dance; influencing the contemporary Korean arts movements in creative fields such as theater and music composition. The Keimyung-Chopin Academy, which was established under the direction of the College of Music and Performing Art in 1999, especially, offers closely connected courses of study for students seeking a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees. Taught by professors invited from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Poland, standard and performing courses are offered in order to cultivate outstanding professional artists.


  • 1961.04.01
    • The Department of Church Music was established
  • 1963.03.01
    • Completion and opening of Campbell Concert Hall
  • 1965.03.01
    • Department of Church Music changed to Department of Music
  • 1977.05.23
    • Keimyung Opera founded
  • 1978.03.01
    • University status achieved (Department of Music promoted to College of Arts)
  • 1981.03.01
    • College of Arts changed to College of Music
  • 1999.02.10
    • Keimyung-Chopin Academy established
  • 2003.03.01
    • All music majors merged under College of Music
  • 2004.03.01
    • College of Music changed to College of Music and Performing Arts
  • 2005.03.01
    • Construction began on a new College of Music and Performing Arts building and Keimyung Art Center on Seongseo Campu
  • 2006.03.01
    • Department of Theater and Film changed to Department of Theater Arts
  • 2007.03.01
    • Physical Education Dance Department reorganized under College of Music and Performing Arts.
  • 2008.03.01
    • College of Music and Performing Arts relocated to Seongseo Campus.

Educational Objectives

Musicians who are involved in creating a worthy arts culture

  • Musicians with international credibility
  • Musicians with excellent performance skills
  • Musicians with national pride
  • Musicians with creative research ability
  • Musicians with a mentality to serve the greater society


The Music Hall, built in 2008, has the most up-to- date facilities including multimedia facilities in every lecture room. There are also an abundance of practice rooms for every major.

Administration Office

  • Web masterCollege of Music and Performing Arts Administration Team
  • Tel+82-53-580-6522

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