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The College of Pharmacy has an historical connection with the first Western Pharmacy in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk area, Jejoonwon, which was founded in 1899 by an American medical missionary, Dr. Johnson. Jejoonwon was to later develop over the decades into Dongsan Hospital and later Keimyung's medical school. In 2010, the seed sown in 1899 by Dr.Johnson finally blossomed into the College of Pharmacy at Keimyung University.
Keimyung University received an official mandate from the government for the establishment of the current College of Pharmacy in 2010.

The mission of the College of Pharmacy is to cultivate and prepare multi-disciplinary pharmacists to work for the improvement of human health and well being under the guidance of the Christian spirit. Our key mission is the education of students to take a leading role in the field of pharmacy and its related sciences and aid in drug discovery and global health care. The College of Pharmacy is an integral component of the Bio-Medical Research Triangle, which includes the College of Medicine, Natural Sciences, Nursing, Medical Research Center, advanced industrial complex support center, and bio-venture companies. Its location in this research Triangle provides an advantage for the performance of University-Industry cooperative research in the service of drug discovery and evelopment. The College of Pharmacy operates two research institutes: a drug development research institute and a natural product research institute. Partnering with Daegu's advanced Medical Research Complex; it is our purpose to advance the area of drug discovery and pharmaceutical sciences.

Educational Objectives

The College of Pharmacy was established with the following guiding educational principles:

  • Institutional Precept : For the Kingdom of Truth, Justice and Love.
  • Educational Principles : To Forster Pharmaceutical Professionals Opening Light for the Health of Humanity.
  • Educational Objectives
    • Professionals Leading in Research and Practice.
    • Professionals Practicing Dedication and Service.
    • Internationally-Oriented Professionals.

Administration Office

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