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With the goal of becoming a top 10 Korean business school, the College of Business Administration has been implementing programs designed to cultivate management specialists who embody the concept of glocalization.


The Department of Business Administration, the forerunner to the College of Business Administration, wasestablished in 1965. The Accounting Department was added in 1977, Hotel and Tourism in 1985, Management Information Systems in 1988 and Taxation in 1998. This college provides integrated management education by initiating industry-university collaborative agreements with prominent enterprises, in the search for the highest standards in quality education. It has also operated KABE (Keimyung Accreditation of Business Education) since 2003. After a dual degree system agreement with Eastern Michigan University (EMU) in December 2005, around 40 special scholarship students have been offered degrees from both Keimyung and EMU. The College of Business Administration was selected for a subsidy of 150 million won as part of the 「2006 Special Support-Up」in order to secure a foothold in its efforts to become a Top 10 business school in Korea by 2020. It currently has 2,500 students, 12,000 graduates and 45 faculty with PhDs from prestigious international universities, researching and giving lectures.

Educational Objectives

The goal of the College of Business Administration is to cultivate leaders who are practical, open-minded, ethical and rational problem-solvers to lead the information age both locally and internationally.

Facilities and Equipment

Uiyanggwan, a 14,332 square-meter building on the Seongseo campus, was completed by the College of Business Administration in 2002. This building has an international conference room, a video seminar room, an audiovisual room, a PC lecture room, an integrated management education room, the Net Academy Center, a language lab, a company information office and a library with cutting edge facilities and educational equipment. Every classroom also has multimedia facilities.

Administration Office

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