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Opening the Light to the WorldFrom the President

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Synn Ilhi

   Winter has passed, and the season of sprouting spirits, spring, has arrived.

   I welcome all new students joining Keimyung University in this beautiful season of blossoming. I recognize the fruits of your hard work in gaining admission to our university, and I encourage you to continue your journey towards realizing your greater dreams.

Keimyung family members,

    I wish all of you a happy new semester filled with health and happiness.

   The year 2024, also known as the year of the dragon, marks the 125th anniversary of Keimyung University's founding. Under the slogan 'Past 125 years of Shining Bright, Next 125 Years of Keimyung’s Ascent,' Keimyung is poised for another giant leap forward. A centennial and a quarter years after Jejungwon started its free medical service at a small cottage on a small hill of Cheongna at the center of Daegu, the medical institution has grown into a regional flagship university hospital, hosts general hospitals, and a tertiary educational institution that accommodates 22,000 students on its five campuses. Building upon its 125-year legacy, Keimyung University will maintain its pioneering spirit of service and dedication to higher education over the next 125 years, striving to evolve into an even more innovative institution that will continue to make substantial achievements.

   To give you a sketch of how the school will change, first, the Daemyung Campus will be renovated. Its new main gate and the fountain square, to be completed on March 4th, will mark a new turning point for the campus. The Dalseong Campus, located in Hyeonpung in southern part of Daegu, will transform into the 'Keimyung University Mobility Campus,' endowed with the role of developing talents for the future mobility industry. It will also do its best to serve as a mobility hub in cooperation with regional industries. Already equipped with an intelligent automotive research building, test field, the campus will enhance itself by constructing more educational buildings, research buildings, industry complex buildings, and a UAM Veriport over the next seven years. In addition, a mobility college will be established with mobility software, parts and materials, aerial logistics, and a railroad to host convergence majors in order to nurture field-specialized talents. At the same time, the college will double its current incumbent personnel education in mobility areas from the current 500 people a year to 1,000.

   Keimyung is also seeking innovation in its curricula. To become a 'glocal university,' we will integrate our educational curriculum with those of specialized colleges. For example, in addition to the current bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral courses, we will offer one or two-year courses or one to three-year specialized bachelor’s degree courses. Such stratified courses, depending on disciplines and technologies, will serve as a new foundation for the development of society.

   Home to 2,500 international students from 70 countries, Keimyung University is now officially recognized for its excellent globalization capabilities. The Ministry of Education recently awarded us the best educational globalization competency accreditation.

   As such, Keimyung University has developed its potential over a long period, and now its efforts are being globally recognized, as we continue shining bright beyond the region and onto the world stage.

Keimyung family members starting a new semester,

   I hope that your new semester will be filled with new hopes and challenges, rather than being a mere repetition of the same routine. If you can discover new values and engage in creative activities, you will be able to find a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday. Infusing everyday routines with these values and realizing them is not only your responsibility but also your mission. I hope you will do your best in your own capacities.

   Remember! This moment and this place is due to the history of Keimyung. I urge you to sincerely work together to create a new chapter in Keimyung's history, one that our descendants will look back on with pride.

   Our today is better than our yesterday, and our tomorrow will be brighter than today. God bless you!

Synn Ilhi

Keimyung University

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