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Special Scholarship is provided to overcome COVID-19
Center for International Affairs
2020-09-03 13:12:30
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Special Scholarship is provided to overcome COVID-19

- About USD 3.6 million to around 21,500 enrolled students in fall semester

- Find the special scholarship by budget reductions and other scholarships in terms of sharing the burden with the students

  Keimyung University has decided to provide USD 168 of the scholarship to each student to overcome COVID-19. It is totally about USD 3.6 million for around 21,500 students. The scholarship is planned to be provided by reducing tuition fee on the bill in a range of one semester tuition. It has been raised from budget reductions and other scholarships.
  Keimyung University had already supported COVID-19 academic encouragement scholarship in April, USD 168 per student, to all the students for the first time in Republic of Korea. It was a nationwide issue that professors and administrative staffs voluntarily donated their salaries, which led to USD 3.4 million. From this step, Keimyung University is recognized as one of the best universities in Republic of Korea due to supporting totally about USD 6.7 million this year to help students suffering from COVID-19. Especially, financial support adding up the special scholarship is in total USD 337 per student, which is about 11% of tuition fee for one semester.

  Since May, Keimyung University has started experiment and practical courses, and carried out face-to-face final exam for one month without any new cases. In this fall semester, students will be able to select either offline or online classes through academic system, and instructional manual with simulation is prepared thoroughly to prevent infection.
  “It is difficult time for everyone. We are walking along a road together that we have never been through before. In this kind of situation, we should overcome difficulties by being considerate and cooperating than turning against each other. In the future coexisting with COVID-19, a drastic educational reformation will be required. Teaching process will be devised not to have fundamental difference between offline and online class when it comes to the contents of project-oriented class. We will make our best effort to ensure students’ right for learning,” President Synn Ilhi said.

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