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Education Management Forum
국제교류센터 행정팀
2018-01-24 14:03:09
Education Management Forum.jpg
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In The New Bauer Hall, on 23th Nov, 2017 Keimyung Pedagogy-Education and Quality Management Forum was held. This forum addresses the educational reform plan related to The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Due to progress of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, culture, society and education, as well as industrial structure, will become automated and require less manpower. For example, cutting edge IT mechanics will be applied to furniture such as TVs and refrigerators thereby becoming part of our routines. The conventional pedagogies only for knowledge delivery education will become meaningless. This forum demonstrates how people should learn and teach in such environment.
Professor Kim Chang-hwan, the chief of Postech Graduate School, emphasized human discrimination with AI. He said, “Mechanics resemble humans, humans resemble mechanics. We have to strengthen creativity which is irreplaceable with AI.” Mechanics should learn ethics for communication with society. As Graham Moore said, “Stay Weird, Stay Different”--this is the ultimate goal of future education.
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