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The Awarding Ceremony of an Honorary Doctorate Degree
국제교류센터 행정팀
2018-01-24 13:52:55
The Awarding Ceremony of an Honorary Doctorate Degree.jpg
첨부이미지 : The Awarding Ceremony of an Honorary Doctorate Deg
KMU granted an honorary Doctorate in Public Administration Science to Bakhodir Khodiev, the president of Tashkent University of Economics, at the international seminar room on November 7. President Khodiev is an educational reformer in Uzbekistan who has helped arrange the national education standards to turn international advancement education standards into the internal traits of expert training in Uzbekistan. Also, he led the establishment of the national electronic education system integrating all educational institutes in Uzbekistan into a single electronic education space. President Khodiev said, “It is a great honor to be awarded the honorary doctorate degree in spite of my humble performance. I will aim to be a foundation stone to expand the relationships between the scientific, cultural, and humanities communities.” KMU has been involved with exchanges with the Tashkent University of Economics after making a contract regarding a convention for academic exchange. Both universities are cooperating in an exchange of students and teaching staff, holding academic conferences and seminars.
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